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About Us

Welcome to SCOOPS2U!

Scoops2u Scooping Team with Ice Cream CartsSCOOPS2U, formerly known as “The Ice Cream Catering Company,” is the premier full-service ice cream distributor serving the Northern Virginia-DC-Suburban MD-Baltimore corridor. Started by the 3 Jims in 1997, we’ve grown from our humble beginnings with only 31 flavors to offering a comprehensive line of ice cream brands and products. Our delicious ice cream is homemade and produced with the highest quality of ingredients.


Serving Sundaes with a Smile at AkridgeWe have specialized in full service corporate ice cream socials (ice cream sundae socials with professional servers) since opening in 1997. All of our full service ice cream events feature our festive and specially designed ice cream umbrella push carts. The carts are great for any event since they can hold temperature for 12 hours after being plugged in overnight.


coneman_openhouse_smallCustomized ice cream trucks were introduced to the SCOOPS2U fleet in 2011. Our unique trucks enhance the entertainment and nostalgia associated with any  catered ice cream event. Event hosts can choose to offer prepackaged novelty bars, freshly scooped ice cream and/or chipwiches (homemade ice cream sandwiches) from the truck. People from all ages cannot help but get excited when they see the SCOOPS2U truck arrive because they know they are in for a big treat!


SCOOPS2U Spring PopcornIn recent years, we have expanded our services to include gourmet popcorn, s’mores, baked goods, and hot drinks such as cider, chai tea and hot chocolate. To learn more about our gourmet popcorn options, we invite you to check out our sister company, The Royal Popcorn Factory.

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